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School Gardens & Farm Tours 


The Logan Wilkes Foundation believes in providing opportunities for hands-on learning, inquiry, observation, and experimentation across the curriculum. 
Although science and nutrition are the focus of many of our garden programs, curriculum ties can also be made to the subjects of language arts, math, science, social studies, and art. Additionally, the garden is an excellent location to model sustainable practices and present environmental education lessons.

Motivating kids to eat and love fruits and vegetables.
Gardens help get students excited about fruits and vegetables and provide countless opportunities to experience and try the foods that are often the hardest to get kids to eat.

Promoting physical activity and quality outdoor experiences.

Many schools are searching for opportunities and space to offer movement to students. Gardening offers students ample opportunities to walk, lift, carry, dig, plant, and rake, as well as practice balance and dexterity, all while participating in an enjoyable and engaging activity.

Supplying local produce to the students. The nation-wide growth of Farm to School programs and increasing USDA support of local and regional food systems have made serving local, sustainable produce in school meals a reality. Although school garden produce may not account for a large portion of the produce served in the café, there may be enough of a harvest to hold sampling events.

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